About Us

Polmar in Europe
Polmar srl is a young and dynamic company established in 2004 by experts in transceivers sector, with a deep knowledge of the market and a long dated experience in radiocommunication and is present with a widespread network all over Italy and in many europen countries.
These features allow to spot, select and commercialize innovative radiocommunication equipments at the best of quality/price ratio.
Thus Polmar is able to offer a wide variety of transceivers and accessories with technical and quality features requested to fulfil the specific needings of professional and amateur users, in conformity of local rules where Polmar operates.
A specialized laboratory with expert technicians guarantee a post-sale service.
Sales are supported by a regular production of catalogues, depliants, web site continuous updating, specialized exhibitions presences and by many promotional initiatives in order to give the retailer and final user all the informations and update about Polmar products.